Writing Samples

Here’s a recent one-sheet I wrote and laid out for a potential new startup.

I work regularly for Institute for the Future, a group of Silicon Valley thought leaders. Recently I wrote three different brochures for different versions of their Foresight Essentials training program, and another for their exclusive Vantage membership. I also write and edit IFTF’s biweekly newsletter.

As communications director for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Oregon & Southwest Washington, I wrote a ton. Here’s the big annual report I wrote and a couple of pages from one of their newsletters.

For years I helped the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation with various projects, including a number of social media and donor campaigns. I also created an internal style guide and wrote and edited many of their program books.

I contract as a copywriter for Bridgewell Agribusiness, which owns a couple of boutique food lines. For Blossom Vinegars and Prasada Foods, I’ve written taglines, romance, and web copy for many of their products.

I wrote several | different | case | studies for DISTINC, which required gaining the full understanding of what the agency had done for each client and distilling it into a crisp, short description.

I wrote the cover story for Scripps College’s redesigned alumnae magazine, which required talking to various alumnae. I can talk to all kinds of people! (Ditto my United States Artists board members’ quotes!)

I wrote sections of (and edited and proofread) Art + Practice‘s first-year report.

As a contractor with Sterling Brands New York, I wrote romance copy for Häagen Dazs ice cream, gelato, sorbet, and other products. I wrote for other Nestlé brands, too, including Dreyer’s and Outshine fruit bars.

I wrote a lot for The Broad Stage, including sales copydonor letters, and some beautiful brand development materials.

Looking for more personal writing? The best site is my page on The Good Men Project. Here’s a recent example.