My Process

I don’t walk in with solutions.

I do bring a sense of curiosity, a passion for great causes, and a proven track record of success with organizations like yours. Every client is unique, and it’s my job to learn exactly what you need to succeed. So…

I watch and listen... closely.

My initial process is simple: I study your organization carefully, getting a clear understanding of how it runs, what it does well, and what its biggest challenges are. I talk to you and the people who work with you, as well as those who are outside your brand but connected to it in some way. And unless everyone’s in 100% agreement about who you are and what you do, that’s where I start.

I help you to recognize the power of your brand.

Every entity is a brand. Every company, every person, every cause — each one with its own personality, its own style and flavor, its own language. It the thing what differentiates you. Helping you identify and understand your brand might be the most important thing I ever do for you. TESTIMONIALS

Along the way, I solve problems.

If you’re like most organizations, you call me when things go wrong: You’ve lost touch with your mission; you’re new and want help getting started; or you’re well-established but feeling stuck. You need to motivate your membership. Inspire your staff. You want to raise more money in general or for a specific campaign. After my initial inquiry, we pick a project and get to work. [RATES?]

I help you manage details while keeping the big picture in focus.

There may come a day when you and I are talking about the color of your logo, the spelling of a certain word on your website, or the size of a font in your newsletter. Yet we both understand that the conversation is really about how the world perceives your brand, how well you’re communicating its purpose, and whether or not people trust you enough to buy your product or click your DONATE button. Although I’m a details guy, I can see the larger scheme at work and, if you’ve hired me, I’ll teach you to see it as well.

I acknowledge the value of human relationships.

Between donors and donation pages, between board members and the executive team, between members of your staff, between you and me — in the end, your organization’s success depends almost entirely on the quality of its human interactions. Trust me on this. I’ll help you to nurture and mature them, even as I help you shine up your communications plan and maximize the emerging power of your brand. Let’s get started. [RATES?]